1. Another of my old pictures featured on our Boreal Collective tumblr, where we riff on each others’ photographs with our selections from our archives.


    Kids playing soccer on the hill above Shtime, Kosovo. June 2008.

    Matt Lutton

  2. Djurdjevdan party in the Nova Gazela settlement in May 2009. I gave my iPhone which could record video over to one of my young friends and he photographed his parents and I hanging out with beer waiting for their goat to cook in the rotisserie bathtub they had set up. One of the best days of my career. I learned more here about the community I was working to photograph and the lessons of being an outside trying to document it all at once. May 6, 2009.

  3. Loco Amor. By Dúo Los Diablos

    In the fantastic film “Soy Cuba / я Kuba” revitalized by Martin Scorsese et. al. One of the best love song sequences ever, or even one of the best cinematic scenes my untrained eye has seen. Go gorgeously filmed, for the emotion and for the context of the film in early 20th century Cuba under Western oppression and Soviet support.

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    Serbs at a roadblock in the village of Rudare, Kosovo during the beginning of the border crisis. Friday July 29, 2011.

    Matt Lutton.

  5. Banatski Karlovac, Vojvodina, Serbia. February 2014. Shot for a story now in the Danish press.

  6. Banatski Karlovac, Vojvodina, Serbia. February 2014. Shot for a story now in the Danish press.

  7. Banatski Karlovac, Vojvodina, Serbia. February 2014. Shot for a story now in the Danish press.

  8. I found a man selling pears on the side of the road where my assignment was taking me. It worked out very well and Amin gave me a pear to take for the road. It was a nice moment to finish the assignment on. And the pear was tasty too. Photo by @mattlutton

  9. I love mannequins in this region. Always, there is something small but special that set them apart from all the other crazy mannequins ive seen everywhere else. Photo by @mattlutton

  10. A man at a kebab shop in the old Turkish market prepares good food his customers working the accessory of a hair dryer over the grill. Quite the scene but didn’t have time to try the chef’s results unfortunately. Photo by @mattlutton

  11. I love assignments where the brief is basically to just drive around and come up with photos of my own impressions of a place. This was taken in my rental car (parked, I promise) last night a few minutes after my last picture of the day, at last light. Photo by @mattlutton

  12. I went out wandering near the Kosovo-Albania border yesterday and found a drained lake bed with stranded fishing boats hundreds of feet from shore. Photo by @mattlutton

  13. An older picture of mine from my project This Time Tomorrow.


    The Drina Cigarettes factory in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. April 2010.
    Matt Lutton

  14. This song - “Transatlanticism’ by Death Cab For Cutie - has been in my head since I’ve gotten back to Belgrade. I might just explain a lot. Lovely music, real lyrics. And sounds Just Like Home.

  15. I’m back in Belgrade and paying a lot of my attention to instagram. Follow me at @mattlutton. http://www.instagram.com/mattlutton